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Skeleton Collective



It all started when...

We discovered that our creatives are not that creative anymore. We're changing things. And we need you.

This forum is simple. It's where you enter your song into a creative think tank and then observe what the collaborators come up with. 

We ask that you submit one song (and contribute to a few others) once a month. 

Your song is living and active... Formed by the community... They will suggest changes and ways to make it better... You get to engage and see your song take on more shapes and sizes that you could have possibly dreamed. 



#1. Submit a song per month (just lyrics/chords and a simple audio file of the recording). Don't produce it out. Keep it minimal (skeleton).

#2. Enter the Beats Per Minute - Time Signature - Key the song was recorded in.

#3. Go create and mess with other people's songs. (Change some chords, add parts, have a dialog with the writer). We want everyone contributing to these songs to make them better. 

#4. Check back often to see what has been created and added to your song.  

#5. Repeat again next month. 


/// RULES /// 

Be kind... But be honest... Don't hold anything too tightly. Let people influence you and challenge you. 

Engage often... In order for this to work, there needs to be momentum from the community. 

Push yourself to change... That's when things work best. 

Hold Nothing Sacred... This is your art... Don't let it be an idol... If you like the changes someone makes, keep it. If not, go back to what you had. But allow the community to shape you. 

/// REGISTER /// 

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