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Island Event FAQ'S



How Long Is The Event?

The events last from Wednesday - Sunday. We ask that you fly in no later than 12pm on the Wednesday of your event, and fly out no earlier than 6pm on the Sunday of your event.

What Is The Cost Of The event?

$429 per person. Should you want to bring a spouse, they can join along for $329. If you have a group that you are wanting to bring, please email us for discounted rates?

Why So Much?

We don't find this to be much when you consider that the expenses to pull this off are quite costly. We cover lodging (5 days/4 nights), ferry fees, transportation, food, drinks, curriculum, etc... 

Do We Really Stay On An Island?

Oh Yeah.

Typically, what is the weather like in the san juan islands?

Good Question. It is always changing... Here is the current conditions.

What about the "No Cell Phone" policy on the event?

We live with lives that are so inundated with fast movement, we find that God speaks to us when we quiet down and settle ourselves. With that being said, we do not want people on social media, answering texts, e-mails, etc... We want nothing in the way experiencing all that God has. We do have a phone at the house (that we give the number to spouses) and also allow phone calls throughout the day to family. And while we are not legalistic on this, we want to ensure that people do not diminish the quality of our time together by social media distractions.

Is This A One-Time Thing?

No. Because each event is different (different people and conversations), you could come back every time and get something new out of it.

How Long Is The Ferry Ride To the islands?

50 Minutes Each Direction

What expenses do I have once I land in Seattle?


Will I need a passport?

No, unless you are planning on swimming to Canada.

Are there really killer whales in the San Juan Islands?

Absolutely, we have seen them on the ferry rides to and from Anacortes, as well as from the house that we have retreats in.

Is there anything specifically that I should bring?

Because we spend time each retreat gathering outside at night for drinks and cigars, we like to have each member bring their favorite bottle to share (whiskey/bourbon/scotch/tequila/wine) as well as a few cigars and/or a pipe. The Elysian Society will provide a few bottles as well.

Are you guys a cult?

Seriously, we have been asked. The answer is no. Not at all. We are followers of Jesus who desire to be like him, and live in a way that others desire to follow Him as well.

Can I bring a guitar or musical instrument?

Sure. If the airline allows you, then we don't mind.

Can I bring marijuana?

Legally in the state of Washington this is allowed. However, we leave this up to each individuals discernment and ask them to respect the convictions of others. 


If you are brave enough to handle to temperature, absolutely. You will want to bring a bathing suit for sure, as there are many activities to do on the water (kayak, paddleboard), etc...)


We do our absolute best to accommodate. Please let us know well ahead of time of any restrictions/allergies that you might have.


Island life is a whole different life as you can imagine. The island does have a emergency care center that can handle small things (broken bones, etc..). Should they not be able to care for the injured, there are 2 options... First, wait for the next ferry to off the island (typically no more than 12 hours from departure time). Second, you could check with your insurance company to see if they provide Medivac (helicopter) service in your insurance plan.