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Jesus vs Karma

So, pretend for a social media minute that Jesus was all about karma. Jesus is born and lives the most SPECTACULAR life ever. I mean, he pays it forward ALL THE TIME. He is never in a hurry or short tempered and only angry when expressing justice for the oppressed and never needs hindsight and just all of it, just the most beautiful, LOVING life ever!

So, the time comes for Jesus to meet karma and he has this perfectly beautiful human life ever to show and karma says, "HI THERE! YOU'RE MINE NOW BITCH!"; karma throws a mock trial, lynches and butchers Jesus into a meat puppet, the end.

Well, you've got your life up til now and you haven't even lived up to your own hopes and expectations and you are going to look for some little biscuit of compassion from karma after what it did to Jesus?

Worse, what if karma isn't some cosmic car battery of positive and negative fairy dust but a conscience maker of atoms and puppies and dimensions and is infinitely more exacting and precise than karma could ever be imagined? -God.

What if instead of karmic justice you could receive love everlasting because this Jesus guy grabbed from your hands the cup of karma-wrath-lava you were about to drink and gulped it down himself, while handing you a cold glass of living water that last forever while his insides melted?

Enjoy today, for unto us a child was born, unto us a son was given, and he drank the wrath-lava so you would only taste goodness forever.